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Savor the goodies which Americans have enjoyed for generations. Whether it's chocolate, fruit candy, or just about anything else you want, you're sure to find it here among America's Favorites.


  • Airheads

    Try these stretchy, chewy, kid-loved taffy bars in different tangy fruit flavors!

  • Baby Ruth

    A superb combination of peanuts, smooth caramel, and chewy nougat. A grand slam!

  • Butterfinger

    A unique combination of crispy, crunchy, peanut-buttery taste and texture! Freshly roasted peanuts are chopped, and made into a creamy peanut butter that is blended with a sugar candy.

  • Cow Tales

    Goetze's Cow Tales are made with chewy caramel wrapped around a cream center. These treats are an elongated version of the company's iconic sweets, Caramel Creams. They're made with wheat flour, milk, and cream. They're also low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol free.

  • Ferrara-Sweet

    The world famous Ferrara-Pan comany produces some of the best chewy, fruit candy around. Enjoy their variety of American classics.

  • Ferrara-HOT

    Beware! Ferrara's hot candies will really spice your mouth up...

  • Hershey's

    For nearly a century, the Hershey Company has been the leading North American manufacturer of quality chocolate and chocolate related products. You'll find a formidable selection of their goodies in this section.

  • Jaw Busters

    Ouch! Yum! Ouch! Yum! These jaw busters dish out some tough's to hoping that you're jaw is up to the challenge. We, however, don't think you'll mind their delicious sweet taste.

  • Jolly Ranchers

    Discover one of America's most popular hard fruit candies! Jolly Ranchers are perfect for sucking on, providing long lasting sweet flavor. They're available in many fruit flavors and varieties, including lollipops and sticks.

  • Junior Mints

    Junior Mints with their chocolate covered, creamy mint, center, are a popular item in theaters and at home. Tootsie Roll Industries produces over 15 million Junior Mints a day.

  • Kool Aid

    Kool Aid is one of America's favorite sweet drinks. Just combine the powder with cold water and you have a delicious and refreshing tasting beverage.

  • Marshmallow

    This section features a variety of marshmallow-themed treats. They're perfect for baking decorations or just as a snack.

  • Mike & Ike

    Express your fruit flavor with the sugary taste of Mike and Ike candies. It's licorice-style candy for true fruit flavor lovers. Always soft on the outside and chewy on the inside!

  • Milk Duds

    Caramel nuggets covered in milk chocolate.

  • Pop Rocks

    Tiny, carbonated sugar crystals containing carbon dioxide so they pop in your mouth! Available in various flavors.

  • Pop Tarts

    Try the perfect combo of sweet fruit and frosting for breakfast! Pop Tarts heat up right in the toaster and taste delicious.

  • Reese's

    Reese's chocolates and candies are products of the Hershey company, the largest chocolate producer in North America. Check out our great selection!

  • Sour Patch Kids

    Sour Patch Kids are soft and chewy candies covered in sour bits of sugar. They start out very sour in your mouth and soon turn to fruity sweetness.

  • Starburst

    Starburst are small squares of chewy candy available in a variety of very sweet fruit flavors.

  • Tootsie

    An original classic of the Tootsie Company! These rolls were first produced over 100 years ago and are still created today with the same chocolate recipe Americans have savored for generations.

  • Twinkies

    The #1 best-selling cake has arrived in Norway! These mini oval cakes are soft, sweet, and filled with whipped cream. Made by the Hostess Company.

  • Twizzlers

    The original red American licorice twists. Chewy, sweet, and deicious!

  • Warheads

    Warheads are little hard candies known for their extreme sour flavor which fades after about 30 seconds. The intense bitterness you experience is as powerful as any candy you'll try. If you can keep it in your mouth long enough, you'll be rewarded with a sweet fruit candy core after the sourness fades.

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