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Give your mouth the time to enjoy this sweet, chewy American specialty. Available in a huge variety of creative and stretchy flavors!


  • Airheads

    Airheads are stretchy, chewy taffies available in a wide variety of fruity flavors...a favorite of taffy lovers everywhere!

  • Salt Water Taffy

    Salt Water Taffy is a kind of soft taffy which owes its name to the place it originates from, the Boardwalk of Atlantic City, New Jersey (sold by the salt water). It is produced in a large variety of unique flavors and has become an American favorite from coast to coast.

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  • Laffy Taffy

    Willy Wonka's tart, chewy taffy produced in different fruit flavors. It just keeps on stretching!

  • Now & Later

    Now and Later chews are small squares of chewy candy available in a variety of very sweet fruit flavors. Enjoy some now and save the rest for later!

  • Top Pops

    Top Pops are multi-flavored chewy taffy lollipops. Each pop is divided into two halves, each half having its own flavor. If you love taffy, this is the lollipop for you! 

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