Delivery & Shipping Details:
  • Packages are generally shipped within 1-2 business days of an order being placed.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to arrive, depending on the package’s final destination in Norway.  Please be aware that this estimated time frame may vary during high volume, holiday seasons (before Easter and Christmas).
  • All orders are shipped domestically via the Norwegian Post/ Bring.
  • Packages which do not fit in the mailbox will be delivered to your door. If the Post does not have access to your door, or the package is too large, you will receive a slip to pick up your package at your nearby post office.
  • Shipping cost is determined by the weight of your package:

0-150 grams = 39 kr.
151-300 grams = 49 kr.
301-600 grams = 59 kr.
601-800 grams = 69 kr.
801-1500 grams = 79 kr.
1501-1750 grams = 89 kr.
1750+ grams = 99 kr.

Free shipping over 800 kroner!

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